Monday, November 23, 2015

DELPHINE DORA - L'au​-​delà - FEF42

French musician Delphine Dora is prolific both as a solo artist and as a collaborator with the likes of Éloïse Decazes, Aine O’Dwyer, Half Asleep, Bruno Duplant, and Sophie Cooper. 

The songs on L'au-delà are improvised on piano, organ and synth, and feature lyrics collaged from her own writing and other sources, with delay and multitracking creating an especially eerie, dreamlike, sometimes queasily tense atmosphere. It's her darkest, strangest music to date, abounding in emotional and sonic variety and depth.

Cassette edition of 100 with download, or download only

Side 1
1) Jaillissements cathartiques   (7.28)
2) A la dérive   (5.20)
3) L’impossible échappée   (2.14)
4) Kronos  (3.25)
5)Melancholia  (3.58)
6) Interlude  (1.42)

Side 2
1) Primitive State of Terror I   (2.02)
2) Le monde à l’envers   (1.58)
3) Primitive State of Terror II  (1.16)
4) Where My Treasure Is: a Grave   (0.57)
5) Les chevaux de feu   (8.44)
6) L’au-delà   (3.20)
7) Primitive State of Terror III   (1.16)
8) The End   (4.03)

Piano, vocals, organ, synth, effects, samples: Delphine Dora
All tracks composed, recorded, mixed by Delphine Dora during 2014 - 2015