Thursday, June 18, 2015

GERMAN ARMY - Chigwe - FEF37

This recent interview shed some light on this mysterious California-based project, but it remains harder to fathom their unusual combination of prolificness with a rich, complex style.

Chigwe is a disorienting yet potent mashup of exotic samples and rhythms that may or may not amount to a dream-logic rumination on neocolonialism and orientalism. If any subtext is ambiguous, that's not due to vagueness, but the dizzying collision of vivid, evocative sounds - like shortwave-era Holger Czukay jamming with Lee Perry.

The accompanying digital download includes both sides mixed as they appear on the cassette, as well as the separate individual tracks. 
Side One
1) Mining Consent (2:09)
2) Royal Gold (2:26)
3) Prince of Instinct (2:36)
4) Decorated Hands (3:32)
5) Bedouin Land Claim (1:30)
6) Dark Suit (1:08)

Side Two
1) Contested Grounds (1:25)
2) Bagualeros (2:31)
3) Cross Current (2:57)
4) Trauma Group (2:54)
5) Treacherous Support (2:13)

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German Army is Peter Kris and Norm Heston. 
All songs recorded in San Bernardino, Pomona, and Riverside areas.

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