Thursday, June 18, 2015

BLOOD ROOM - Mazikeen Scheme - FEF39

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, this is the second release from nomadic UK producer Blood Room (Seagrave Records, IXTAB), following the Habitus cassette on Indole Records back in January.

The title references mischievous demons of Jewish mythology, and matches the music's playfully sinister tone, which suggests indefinable dread in haunted post-industrial spaces. Disturbed sonics and gritty beats are set in a spacious mix, and worm their way into the listener's consciousness regardless of consent. A tape of bangers for the agoraphobic. 

Side One
1) N A S (5.54)
2) K'K (6.00)
3) H (4.48)
4) O P (2.50)

Side Two
1) QUELL (5.32)
2) STRAY (5.20)
3) JUBAL (3.38)
4) BARIUM (Ovis Aurum remix)* (5.00)

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*Remix by Gary James Geiler
Cover art by Stuart Munro

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