Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Andrew Fearn is best known as the can-supping musical half of Sleaford Mods, but his minimalist stage persona belies a prolific if low-key musical history, notably including a pair of electronic albums under the name Infant in the early '00s. This current solo vehicle has been represented by a diverse slew of digital releases, and more recently, the Just Tracks double CD and Unttld 10" (both on Fourth Dimension Records).

By compiles conceptually and stylistically related material from 2011, most of which previously appeared on a pair of similarly-titled Bandcamp albums. The mood is depressive and downbeat, evoking bad comedowns, paranoid dread and urban isolation, via fractured beats at creeping tempos, spacious atmospheres, and forlorn fragments of acoustic melody. It's like an insular, non-verbal flipside to the eloquent rage of Fearn's "other" band.

The accompanying download includes four bonus tracks.

Side One
1) Lay By (4:21)
2) By Hand (5:42)
3) By Arrest (5:26)
4) By Day (4:30)
5) By Working (7:15)
6) By Half (6:53)

Side Two
1) By Myself (3:43)
2) By Eye (4:30)
3) Death By (5:40)
4) Let By (3:51)
5) Lost By (7:09)
6) Stand By (4:39)

Download-only bonus tracks:
1) By Default (1:49)
2) By Harm (5:47)
3) By Now (7:28)
4) By Storm (9:10)

Produced some time in November 2011 
Thanks to Simon (Baselab)
All music by Andrew Fearn

Edition of 100

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