Monday, August 11, 2014

AMANDA FEERY - Spells from the Ice Age - FEF29 - SOLD OUT

Amanda Feery is a composer based in Ireland and the U.S. who writes for acoustic and electroacoustic ensembles, and has a particular interest in exploring vocal and folk elements. This collection of piano improvisations is her first release. In her own words:

"The improvisations on Spells from the Ice Age began from nothing - a blank canvas starved of any preconceived ideas. The idea was to work with blind intuition. I envisioned each improvisation as a performance, with an audience there with me. That way, I couldn't stop the recording if I thought the performance had errors, or lacked direction. I 'composed' against the minute hand on the wall, trying to sculpt a complete form through repetition, variation, and silence (whilst I panicked about where to go next!). I get a strange amnesiac effect when I listen back to the recordings. It's like somebody else played them".

Side One
1) Butterbean   (9:31)
2) Nocturne for the Old Raver  (7:58)
3) Scrabble You  (7:51)

Side Two
1) Tilted Slightly Out of True  (12:24)
2) The Immunity Room  (13:37)

Performed and recorded by Amanda Feery 

Mastered by Dunk Murphy 
Artwork by Barry Quinn 

Edition of 100.

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