Thursday, June 12, 2014


Ernesto González and Glen Steenkiste are members of Belgian psych freaks Silvester Anfang II, and record solo as Bear Bones Lay Low and Helvete respectively. Dimly Lit follows cassettes on Feathered Coyote and Eiderdown Records and a couple of self-released CDRs.

Though their acoustic drone is transcendental in intent, this is very physical music, achieved by constant motion - wheezing harmonium bellows, resinous violin bowing and rattling prayer bowls. The duo's musicality and attention to tone, texture and pace make for a richly colourful listen that sounds different on every spin. Drone that's more likely to get you punching the air than nodding off.

Cover art features two paintings by Christian Schoppik
Edition of 100.

Side One
1) Path of the Beam (17:25)

Side Two
2) Thinner Than Air (7:30)

All music recorded between 2012 and 2013 at The Smokey Room, Sint-Denijs by González & Steenkiste.

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