Tuesday, March 4, 2014

THE LAST SOUND - Outer Raidio - FEF23

Barry Murphy is one half of Whirling Hall of Knives and has been active for over a decade as The Last Sound. His recent Osaka LP, Rainbow Xplode, was blissful psychedelic pop. This release has a more nocturnal feel, a fuzzed-out krauty trip that occasionally recalls Zuckerzeit-era Cluster or The Faust Tapes with skewed melodies reminiscent of Cardiacs and The Residents.

It's like burrowing under the covers with a shortwave radio and encountering a Kosmische party from some unidentifiable utopian state - almost painfully beautiful and tantalizingly distant. Then it's over and you can't be sure you haven't just dreamt it.

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Side 1
1. Sorrow Acre (1.20)
2. Floodmaps (2.56)
3. Seed of Infininity (2.03)
4. Pink Trails  (3.00)
5. Outer Raidio  (4.09)
6. Dark Fluouroide  (8.23)
7. Wyrlywyrm  (3.18)

Side 2
1. Up On Wave Upon Wave   (2.33)
2. Dialling Respite  (2.56)
3. Passing Filth Parade  (1.05)
4. Zurück In Kürze  (5.27)
5. En Masse  (13.21)

Produced by The Last Sound 2006-2011. Mastered by Magnetize. Drums on A6, B1, B3, and B5 by Bryan O'Connell. Vocals on B5 by Maria O'Reilly. Thanks to families, friends, Magnetize, and Fort Evil Fruit.


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