Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Soon are a duo from Maine, consisting of Naythen Wilson (familiar from his Jandek covers tape This is a Death Dream) and Stephen Cicia.

Their bleak, doom-laden idiom combines deliberate and chance elements in raw but carefully balanced arrangements, with field recordings given equal weight to instrumental parts, cryptic-language vocals and percussion that could just as likely be the sound of manual labour as deliberate musical expression. On occasion it recalls the improvised abstraction of Pelt or the bleak rituals of Abruptum, but defies categorisation. 

Soon's music is mystical, deep and nocturnal but never vague, and maintains a profoundly mournful and cathartic emotional core. 

Side One
1) Rendered Doorless   (10:56) 
2) Straining the Form   (9:47) 
3) Worked On Both Gowns   (6:03) 

Side Two  
1) Taken By Fixture   (10:04) 
2) Was Relentlessly Holding   (8:14)  

Stephen Cicia - Cles Semitri 
Naythen Wilson - Sem Escholha
Engineered and Produced by Naythen Wilson at Bluepen Studios 

In Memory of Sama 1947-2012 

100 copies. Includes download code.

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