Sunday, November 17, 2013

BUCHIKAMASHI - Out of Body Experience - FEF19 - SOLD OUT

Buchikamashi, aka Shin Buchikama, aka Ginoha label head Hiroshi Mizuno, has been refining his idiosyncratic new age style over a slew of concise cassette releases. Any crystals'n'yoga connotations of the genre are undercut by mischievous humour and sonic intensity. This blissed-out astral trip takes unexpected detours into dense passages that, like a potent psychedelic, may induce ecstasy or paranoia depending on mood. But, of course, transcendence has to hurt a little bit.

Composed and Channeling By Shin Buchikama 
Synthesizer, field recording, Tibetan bells, mixed By Mizuhiro 

Recorded between January - March 2013 

Cover art by Karen Constance 

100 copies, includes download code.

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