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Catherine Sikora is a West Cork native who moved to New York in 2000 to pursue a career as saxophonist, improviser and composer. As well as being a prolific solo player, collaborators have included Eric Mingus, Han-Earl Park, Joe Giardullo, Karl Berger, Matt Lavelle, Francois Grillot, Ras Moshe, Art Bailey and Jeremy Bacon.

This release documents last February's trio set at the Joinery in Arbour Hill, Dublin, with trombonist Colm O'Hara (Yurodny, Thoughtfox, North Strand Kontra Band, The Dirty Jazz Club, ReDiviDeR) and drummer David Lacey (Legion of Two, Cian Nugent, Paul Vogel, among countless others).

It's a very dynamic performance, ranging from the edge of audibility to fiery ensemble playing, marked throughout by tremendous subtlety, attentiveness and focus. Sikora and O'Hara alternate between lyricism and breathy abstraction, with Lacey propulsive and textural by turns. 

The download code provides Arbour as a single uninterrupted track, and two bonus Catherine Sikora solo improvisations recorded at the same show.

Arbour pt.I   (20.06) / Arbour pt.II  (18.38) (stream)

Download-only bonus tracks: Joinery Solo 1 (6.22)  / Joinery Solo 2 (14.15)

Catherine Sikora - tenor sax 
Colm O'Hara - trombone 
David Lacey - drums & percussion 

Recorded by Will Joyce at The Joinery, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7 on Feb 1st 2013 
Mastered by Eric Mingus 
Composed by Catherine Sikora (© Sikoracat music, BMI) / Colm O'Hara (copyright control) / David Lacey (copyright control) 
Cover art: Passport to Freedom by James McCaul 
Thanks to Fergus Cullen, The Joinery, and James McCaul. 
Catherine Sikora plays Bari reeds. 

Numbered edition of 100. Includes download code.

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