Saturday, June 1, 2013


Modulator ESP is Nottingham resident Jez Creek’s vehicle for improvised electronica. While most obviously indebted to Kosmische pioneers such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, Creek’s long-form, mercurial and intensely psychedelic explorations veer unpredictably between noise, drone and ambient. As well as a host of self-released CDRs, Jez performs live every fortnight on the show Adventures in Sound.

"Inner Cosmos" is a massive 90-minute trip taking in shifting  seismic drones, clouds of atonal noise and unexpected oases of  melody.

1. From Spaces Within (45:04)
2. To Spaces Without (44:27)

Compiled from live improvised recordings made on 13.06.12 and
12.12.12, edited and mixed on 24.03.13.
Instruments used: nord modular, nord modular g2, blofeld, op-1 and ipad running waveshaper, samplewiz, modaxis and igendyn.

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