Saturday, June 1, 2013

INNERCITY - Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music - FEF16 - SOLD OUT

Innercity is Belgian Hannss Dens' prolific and relentlessly exploratory synth project, which stands in contrast to the prevailing escapist vibes of the synth underground in favour of a more visceral, rough-hewn soundworld.

As the title hints, this release is Innercity at its most askew and disorientating, evoking grimy urban scenes infused with comedown paranoia and sleep-deprived jitteriness. The two long tracks are more sustained and less episodic than much of Dens' earlier work.

1. Eben Ezer    (17.59)
2. Ï€gfaces       (18.13)

All music by Hannss Dens, February 2013

Art by Alan Doyle

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