Sunday, May 5, 2013

HAMMEMIT - The Ghastliere Morrowe - FEF13 - SOLD OUT

Michael Morthwork is responsible for English black metal / noise project Emit. The evolution of a more ambient sound necessitated the establishment of a new identity: Hammemit. Releases to date have included the albums Spires Over The Burial Womb (2008) and Nature Mystic (2009).

The self-description "modern music for medieval sensibilities"  (and vice versa) turns out to be evocative, with reverbed guitars enveloping the listener in a murk of olde religion and hermitic ritual from occult corners of a distant dark age.

The two tracks on side one of this cassette originally appeared last year as an 8" acetate on the PseudoArcana label. On this expanded reissue, the stylistic scope is broadened by the addition of a further four-song suite, taking in pastoral flute, harrowing chanting,  and Hainoesque guitar drone.

2/1. Sacred Hidden Spring (3:05)   2/2. A Rusted Key to Hilldeeps (4:02) 

Musick recordynges tooke playse inne the twelthe ande seventhe yeres of thys centurie.
Michael Morthwork play’d gytarre ande Bruder Unknowne H play’d of percussionne. 
Side 1: Musick fyrst to be fownde on asetayte vynell, publysh'd of PseudoArcana.

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