Monday, May 14, 2012


Wreck of the Hesperus slithered into miserable existence in Ireland in 2004, with the intention of expressing the filthy weirdness of Autopsy through the pure doom of Reverend Bizarre. This uncivil union of influences is evident on their first two, long-unavailable demos, compiled here: Terminal Dirge (2004) and Eulogy for the Sewer Dwellers (2005). 

Though displaying a slightly more conventional doom sound than more recent releases, the band is shown arriving fully (de)formed, with intelligent composition and experimentation always at the service of unrelenting grimness. This is the beginning of the band's progressive descent into hitherto unexplored depths of abjection and despair, leading to the mutations heard on the acclaimed full lengths, The Sunken Threshold (2006) and Light Rotting Out (2011). 

Over an hour of sonic misery with appropriately squalid new artwork from frontwretch AC Rottt (with a larger version on a separate insert) and a download code for the False. Wimps and posers will not be asked to leave the hall. There is no hall. Merely a vast, viscous, oily black pool, rank with the putrefied insanity of a thousand generations. Escape is impossible.

Side 1: Terminal Dirge 
1. Inheritance (8:19) 2. Doomed Ones (8:00) 3. Ignominious Descent (3:12)  4. Prolix (13:27) 

Side 2: Eulogy for the Sewer Dwellers 
1. The Dull Fog of Eternity (13:00) 2. Electric Arrows (5:32) 3. Blood on the Snare (10.02)

AC Rottt - dead riffs & doomed howls
Count Rodge - lowering the tone 
R. Mongo - graveclatter

Numbered edition of 100.

This is now sold out, but can be streamed or downloaded here.

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